Managing Director’s Message

Dear business partners and employees;

“No limit”

The above statement is our motto that clearly defines our work and describes our attitude towards our business. I have placed great importance to people throughout my career. I have believed that everyone working in a well developed system will go beyond the limits and I have established Inka with such a belief. And reaching these days, I see that our major power comes from the willing and curious man power, who are competent in their professions.

We have grown constantly since our foundation in 1986. With the successful movement we have made, we have reached the position to export 75% of our production. We continue with our intensive efforts to transform Turkey into a regional force with the product groups we are active in.

And with the global working system it has developed, Inka continue to give system support to companies abroad.

With the motivation, excitement and determination obtained from our success, we will continue to work for new and major projects, to say “No limit” with all our colleagues.

Haluk Arıcan
Managing Director