Our Quality Policy

Inka A.Ş.’s quality policy targeting to make qualitative production at international standards since 1986 to keep customer satisfaction always at maximum level consists of the given values below;

  • Not to make any concessions of the quality in any step, from production to shipment.
  • To continously develop our quality management system in order to fulfil the requirements of the Standard and to provide continous customer satisfaction.
  • To reduce costs, increase efficiency with the approach of continuous improvement.
  • For the continuity of the quality awareness, giving regular trainings to our employees.
  • In order to produce at international standards to lead the industry for getting necessary certificates.
  • To enhance our competitive power and profitability by making our organisation culture conform to quality management.

Health and Safety at Work

Our employees are the most valuable resource we have. It is our priority to protect their occupational health and safety and prevent probable accidents at work.

Therefore, we carefully fulfil any legal requirements we are responsible for to prepare a safe work environment for our employees.

Our employees play a major role in ensuring the continuity of our Occupational Health and Safety at Work system. With periodic trainings we both raise awareness of our employees and target “zero work accident” by removing possible risks.

Environment Policy

Environmentally friendly Inka adopts a continuously improving, transparent “Environment Management System” and uses the most appropriate Technologies which will reduce any possible affects on environment-human health to a minimum.

Reducing energy consumption and amount of waste for using natural resources at the most efficient way is only possible by the creation of awareness for the environment. Inka, fulfilling all of its legal liabilities with utmost care, gives regular trainings to its employees to mobilize them for environmental consciousness and responsibility. Surely we know that a better work place will bring along a better and liveable world.

Our Certificates