Strategic Partnership

We have long-lasting strategic partnerships with companies located in Western Europe, who are well known in the industry. We create the difference based on our experience of 30 years by finalising the projects quickly, efficiently and in line with the expectations of customers:

  • As a part of a targeted Project, management of the entire process, starting from the design phase of the product until its shipment,
  • Planning, design and production of the mould-apparatus, machines and installation machinery,
  • Ability to instantly react to the fluctuations of the market by rapid growing and downsizing,
  • Cost optimisation by joining evaluation of the production/investment cost per piece.

New Product Development

We are not a manufacturing company, which restricts its services with the demands of the customer. With our competent technical staff and sophisticated technology, we act as a solution partner of our customers in the development of new products in line with the requests of the customer:

Designing and development of the product and the management of the prototype,

Ensuring that throughout such processes our customers are only in contact with a single Project manager,

The planning, design and manufacturing of the mould-apparatus, machines and installation machines required for the production,

Ensuring that any department included in the process does go beyond its worries related to merely its own section and uses his own vocational information and know-how for the successful finalisation of the Project,

Provision of cost optimisation by jointly evaluating the costs of production/investment per piece.


In our company, we make sheet metal forming moulds, apparatus, fixtures specifically for the products or processes or design and manufacture machinery. During the design phase our experienced staff benefits beside CAD software from the “Finite Elements Methods) analysis carried out by using the softwares Solidwork Simulation and MSC SimExpert with Nastran decoder.

Designs are realised by the high capability of our steel and stainless steel pressing, aluminium profile processing – installation and coating facilities. The manufactured machines and apparatuses are engaged by the use of industrial programs developed by our automation division.

Non-Stop Service

In order to render uninterrupted service to our customers, all our processes starting from the order up to procurement are optimized by the sophisticated ERP system. To meet the requirements of continuous projects the inventory level of our storage for 4000 pallets is followed up periodically. In our company, which has been exporting to Europe for a long time, the fast and flexible production has become a tradition of INKA and transformed into a part of our corporate identity.


Our plant established on 12000 m2 has the capacity to meet highest demands in short terms besides steel pressing with a monthly 1200 tonnes press capacity, point welding and welding machines and automatic assembly machines; however, real capacity limits of INKA cannot be measured with existing benches or the area of the plant. Expanding our production lines with point shot investments and designing new moulds and benches according to the expectations of the customers and to give them into service is an integral part of our business.

Broad Sales Network

We meet the expectations of our customers with our deep knowledge in the field of engineering, production, quality, communication, organisation and our experiences. Thus, we have a broad sales network stretching out from Germany to Austria, from Norway to Finland and Russia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Algeria to Far East countries like Japan and China, in short, throughout the world. And within this organisation, we deliver our products and services to our customers.

In this context, our major gain is the expansion of the consciousness for quality, which we have been representing and its return as customer satisfaction. The values we are defending and the broad sales network, which we have built thanks to such values, we as the Inka family are proud to be known as a reliable, flexible, solution oriented, innovative and strong business partner among our well-known customers in the whole world.