C Channel Rubber

C Channel Rubber

Technical Specifications

  • For the reduction of noise & vibration and preventing abrasion caused by metal to metal friction in pipe lines and air ducts systems, some kind of insulator is needed, and EPDM is the ideal product.
  • Perfect sound insulation material
  • Prevents friction noises caused by thermal expansion
  • Vibration reduction ability and partial compensation of thermal expansion
  • The EPDM lining is held in position by side lips
  • ATTENTION: For the compensation of high thermal expansions slide guides should be used

Total Resistant Against

  • Water, diluted acids, caustic solutions, water based solutions and ozon

Limited Resistant Against

  • Grease, mineral oils, animal and vegetables oils, and acetone

Not Resistant Against

  • Hot oil and grease, fuel oil, alphatic and aromatic carbohydrates.

Chemical Resistance

  • Corasation resistance for outdoor applications conform to DIN 53508 and 53509 DIN 53517 (24 hours at 100 C.)
Code No Suitable Profile A B C Ø D Box Roll Weight
ZLIC01 18/27 23 13 4 8,5 20 m/rulo 2.50
ZLIC02 38/40
28 16 5 10,5 20 m/rulo 3.00
ZLIC03 38/22
33 21 5 10,5 20 m/rulo 3.00